Emily+Brad's New Haven engagement session

Emily, Brad and I met up the other day in New Haven for their E-Session. They were in town from Michigan for Mothers Day, as well as wedding planning for their June 25th event in Mystic. We decided to hit the ‘other’ side of New Haven rather than the usual ‘Yale’ side of the street, which is pretty fun as I found stuff i’d never encountered before in the area! I’m not sure The Other Side is anything official, but that’s what I always call the East (or is it SOUTH?) side of Church Street





I may be in love with the groovy wall with glass tiles!



…and while I may not be so in love with their iPhone service, I ALSO love the AT&T building and these cool textures.





since they are both writers, we asked ‘real-nice-like’ to see if we could quickly shoot in the Atticus bookstore to finish up.


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