Crystalyn + Tyler @ Stonington Lighthouse & Foxwoods Casino wedding

Stonington Lighthouse Point wedding | CT shoreline event

When Crystalyn emailed me telling me some details about her wedding, I immediately got excited. A small event of about 17 people at the Stonington Lighthouse Museum with a private dinner followed at Foxwoods Casino – I was THERE! It’s always so refreshing to work an event that has a different vibe/approach, so this idea really appealed to me!

Tylers folks surprised them with a top floor suite at Foxwoods ( about the square footage of my house, no lie) So we had a ton of space and an incredible view (by the way, you cannot just ‘go up’ to the top floor- you need to be escorted…which I had not before experienced, not being any kind of a high-roller!!!)

Oddly, her shoes matched the color of Foxwoods outside!!!

Originally they planned a Kentucky Derby themed wedding, so while that plan changed, they still wanted to incorporate the Bourbon part in the form of little ‘thank you’ bottles 🙂

Crystalyn’s sister helped with the dress tying


meanwhile in Tyler’s room, I found Tyler’s sister biting off his jacket label!


Dad stops by the suite to see the dress


“Do NOT take my photo without asking….”



I went ahead with some of the family members to the Lighthouse Museum. We were struggling with the weather, as it started raining as SOON as we arrived. We debated moving the ceremony right down the street to a covered pavillion on the beach..but guess what? The rain stopped and everything went ahead as planned!


this pink homemade bow tie was NOT cooperating, even with several safety pins

super-spunky Marie Tyler Wiley was officiating


It was all so fun and casual–just hanging out by the water gettin’ married!


now you KNOW I love me a big, open wall to photograph against!!



we hightailed it back to Foxwoods for a private reception dinner at David Burke Prime steakhouse


this photo of the ringbearer with that sorta kooky face just makes me laugh every time I look at it!!!



afterwards, they invited me to hang out in their jumbo suite for drinks! The hotel had made up the room with a nice note, chocolates and rose petals


we had a little impromptu dancing as well!


thanks you guys- for making this a REALLY fun and different wedding for me– it really was a blast!

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