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It’s been almost 3 years now (incredibly) since I did my first PHODcast (connecticut photographer of distinction podcast–I needed something catchy, and thankfully Jean Molodetz came up with that idea!) In that time, i’ve been lucky enough to interview over 40 of Connecticut  best photographers. I even got to chat with a few folks from Massachusetts during the Inspire 2010 conference in Concord.

The idea started after going to a few local photographer (PUG) meetings, where I really got to know a lot of my CT collegues for the first time . I started realizing that while we were all in the same field, dealing with the same issues and concerns, all of us ended up where we were by taking extraordinarily different paths. There were national podcasts of ‘brand name’ photographers, and lots of techy ones talking about the newest gadget and photo gizmo, but nothing I could find that was conversational–kind of like a chat hanging out with a few people. (Sometimes, there is wine involved…) I wasn’t sure if people would take to the idea, but with now close to over 15,000 total downloads (pretty amazing if you ask me!) I guess my little project has kind of caught on.

We had a bit of a lapse as I haven’t done one in about a year now, but i’m starting them back up again, and have just loaded up the 2 newest, Meg LaBarbera and Airen Miller, with about 8 more scheduled as of right now. So check them out is you haven’t and subscribe in iTunes so you get the latest updates! Feel free to drop me a line as well if you’d like to do one–anyone with any level is more than welcome to come by and tell their tale.

Who knows- maybe someday i’ll be asked to do this nationally  🙂



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  1. dave noonan on March 2, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    Love these! I’m addicted.

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