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I’m going to a workshop at the end of march in Mississippi (Rebirth) , and we have had a few small projects leading up to the actual event. This past one was ‘home’. Create an image that reminds you of home, childhood etc etc. Its pretty open to intrepretation. My first thought was ‘monkey bars’ and so I posted a plea on Facebook looking for help to locate old-school metal monkey bars, which proved to be a lot tougher than expected. Good luck with finding a set of those around here (theses kids today are pansies, playing on plastic and wood…)

Plan B was to dig out some of my old stuffed toys from upstairs. I ended up creating a rather abstract triptych (top image) of just my Red Dog  (…and that was his name: Red Dog. He’s a dog. And he’s red. What else would you call him?)

I didn’t want it too clear as to what you were looking at, since really – whose childhood is all that clear? Plus i’m always down for something a tad creepy…

Anyhow, I thought i’d share some of the more straight forward shots here just for fun.




the bunny puppet was another favorite, yet somehow survived much better than Red Dog. I always liked his sassy neckerchief.   🙂

i guess this actually looks a bit ghoulish, like Frankensteins monster with a variety of yarn and thread. I would never put this toy down, and my poor mom stitched and glued this thing together to keep it falling part like some sort of old car. He is so sad and dried up that the ‘filling’ pours out of his foot like sand in a hourglass.

this is what’s left of his smashed little head, his foam rubber brains crumbling out, barely contained by 40 year old Elmers glue.

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