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wedding planning and inspiration

Trust In The Pouring Rain

Who knew I had a swagger? ________ Was she talking about me – about US?! Their experience could not have possibly been this special. How could it be? I mean geez, we were just doing what we always do. Yet it seemed that we really clicked  – we all fit incredibly well as a wedding day ‘group…

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Some cool wedding invites i’ve discovered!

Colibri Gift | Unique and custom wedding invitations I was poking around on my Instagram feed the other night  – and you know how it will suggest posts or pages to follow – stuff like that. Well I think instagram knew somehow that i’d recently posted something regarding a Central Park wedding when these images…

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Spring Wedding Color Trends 2018

Spring Wedding Color Inspiration – 2018 Somehow – amazingly – the Spring 2018 wedding season is fast approaching (i’m not really sure how that happened exactly) And therefore, wedding planning is kicking into high gear with all those last minute details and even still some big decisions to be made. It’s no secret that I…

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