A little Photoshop Before and After

photo restoration | CT photoshop retouching Recently while going through an old hard drive to find a past wedding, I came across some folders from a LONG time ago. This one was a nice surprise as it contained a rather extensive retouching job I did that I had sort of completely forgotten about. In fact,…

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Creating a baby announcement – with pets & Photoshop!

…Well I’M not having a baby but my past couple Bridget and Steve ARE, and decided to announce it in a unique way! For their wedding announcement, they brought over their 3 dogs to ‘hold’ sign that read ‘Save The Date’. After a bit if trial and error, we found a creative method to solve…

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a wedding before & after

I was fussing with the image just now and decided to do another quick Photoshop before and after post, since I was so pleased with the  result. Notice that the light fixture was straightened out as well, since it was driving me batty. I think ( in my opinion) a great example of taking a…

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a little Photoshop before and after

I havent posted a Photoshop ‘before and after’ in quite some time, but thought this image was a prime example of grabbing something cool out of a ‘throwaway’ shot. The original – seen at the bottom – had chairs and crap lying around, a bright light above as well as a fire extinguisher box to…

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