Bridget + Steve @ The Fox Hill Inn

Steve and Bridget were married a few weeks back on St Patricks Day (!!) in Bethel CT right bear their home. It was the first wedding of the year for me, and was a wonderful way to start things off, as they were 2 of the most laid back, easy-going folks i’ve had the pleasure of shooting a wedding for. We had done a really cool vintage themed engagement session (along with a shot including their 3 dogs!) that we turned into a fake ‘Life’ magazine, so I KNEW these 2 would be fun–take a look….

I really thought her dress was super-cool!!!

The guys waited patiently in a shuttle out front, as we were headed into town for a First Look.


…there was a lOT of laughing going on!



we did the first look right pin the corner in front of a favorite spot of theirs (where we just happened to hop inside for a quick St Patty’s drink…)


they were very cool with letting us take over the bar for 15 minutes


Heres a good example of ‘you won’t get if you don’t ask’ — I saw this cool alleyway that was behind a locked fence I thought would make a great spot for photos. As I told Bridget, you can pretty much get away with anything if you’re in a wedding dress. So we asked all nice and stuff, and they unlocked it and let us in!


onto the church—


they FLEW out of the church and we zipped right over to the Fox Hill Inn  for a few more shots before guests arrived


Diane Gaudett did an amazing job with the flowers—as usual!


there a story behind this stuffed toy I won’t go into here—-  🙂



Nice ring.

Almost looks ediable.


check out that spotty light hitting the back go her gown–pretty neat I thought, so I had Bridget walk away from me a tim for two to catch it the right way.


Well. OK, come on. It’s St Patricks Day….

Congrats and thanks to you both for making the day fun as well as a terrific start to my 2012 wedding season. Also thanks to Tom Morlock of Vantagepoint Films for his humor and help that day!

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  1. Corporate Headshots Ltd on April 11, 2012 at 5:22 am

    Great wedding images- love your black and white portraits.

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