Briana+Anthony : wedding at a private home, Yonkers NY

private estate wedding | Westchester NY | Yonkers

Briana and Anthony were married a few weeks back in Bronxville NY with a very beautiful and intimate poolside reception at a friends house in Yonkers – check it out…

a last minute sewing emergency tended to by Briana’s mom and her brother

our flower girl is all set to hit the aisle 🙂


a friend bought Dad an appropriate movie to watch–




…just love this face!


we went to Untermyer Park in Yonkers for formal pix which I had never heard of or been to – but it’s gorgeous!! Heres another link with some cool, info!

It seems that it had fallen into disrepair but was spruced up not too long ago. You need a permit for photography, but it’s an amazing spot for photos


…a little heavy-handed perhaps, but I wanted this to look more like an illustration than an actual photo. I was going for drama! 🙂


I was a little fascinated with shooting in this rotunda—


we then headed to the reception, held poolside at a friends home in Yonkers


how can you beat THAT for a reception spot?!


i loved the candles on the diving board!



ok,ok–I was getting a little artsy and abstract here with pool reflections – but something about that image I really like—


they had a tough time cutting into the cake, so only took out a tiny chunk !

 thanks to catering by JB – John Byrne: Scarborough Fair Catering

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