Anthony's Ocean View Wedding: Stef + John

a Connecticut wedding at Anthony’s Ocean View – New Haven CT

 So before I start to go into anything about this wedding, you need to know that John and Stefania went to their PROM at Anthony’s Ocean View and this is where he first asked her out!

OK – now with that detail in mind–read on…

I started off my day at Stef’s moms house and immediately grabbed her dress and went out side to find a tree—


At the same time, my intrepid second shooter Robin went to see what the guys were up top. John had given all the groomsmen Armani sunglasses, which needless to say, no one wanted to take off!!



this is a little moody I suppose, but I love this—


Robin grabbed this great little abstract shot of their hands through the distractions of the altar



after the ceremony and receiving line, we drove to New Haven and met up outside one of the main gates at Yale where we were going to roam for formal shots (…and a bunch of fun ones as well!)


…while I was shooting this, someone came up to me (a foreign student i’m assuming) and asked “What is this you are photographing?” I said, “Ummm, a wedding…” She looked at me blank and said, “Oh”  I didn’t think this looked all that confusing! 🙂


I also kinda really love this random shot of Stef’s dress!


I must admit, I almost always use this gate at Yale when I can, but it works and worked again this day as well!!!


this library at Yale is SUCH a cool building-


…and of course, I needed a quick stop to my FAVORITE (‘LATE mid-century’) building on campus, the Beinecke Building


at Anthony’s Ocean View, things were in high gear for set up— where – I might add – they REALLY took care of us vendors with our own table, all the courses and even a bottle of wine!


this shot of Grandma just kills me, as she was soooo emotional during the first dance (and I do not use “Soooo” frequently or lightly)


everybody ended up with cake on their noses—

Congrats you two–hope you are enjoying Hawaii!!…also thanks to Bene Eevnts, Flowers By Danielle  and Tom Morlock of Vantage Point Films


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