Allison + Rob's NYC engagement session

I met Allison and Rob just a short time ago as they are planning their wedding rather quickly (it’s a month away!) So we both had time last weekend and quickly scheduled our engagement session in Central Park. We met at the Plaza Hotel side of the park and started our trek in, one an absolutely gorgeous day!!



the forsythia were in full-on bloom and looked amazing, providing a perfect golden backdrop!

always a good time to get a couple of nice, straightforward portraits!


the Wisteria Pergola up behind the bandshell is one of my favorite spots for photos. You’ll find people there, but its never as crowed as the ‘typical’ parts of the park.


I could hardly believe that we got an almost people-free view of this area!!


I’m a sucker for large, open ‘graphic’ walls to shoot against and I had never before noticed this one there!


…and now THIS is an angle of the stairs leading to the fountain that I ALSO never noticed before, and was amazed at how completely different it looked from this side. It could be my new favorite spot!


…I must have said something REALLY silly to get this kind of laugh going!!!



We were discussing other locations, and Allison told me about her apartment rooftop view. Once she said ‘direct view of the Chrysler Building” I was in the taxi before she finished her sentence!!

There’s a view of the Empire State building from the opposite direction as well (previously unblocked before that building went up in front of it!)


I’m standing on a wobbly chair for this angle, but its not quite as precarious as it seems!



and there you go – BAM! How can you go wrong??!!

Thanks again for a fun afternoon as well as the wine and cheese at Artisnal – and we’re looking forward to May 11th at Highlands Country Club


  1. Neil van Niekerk on April 29, 2013 at 10:41 pm

    Robert … this is an excellent series of photos, showing a lot of imagination on settings and composition. Nice! And congratulations to the couple.

  2. Robin Dini on May 14, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    Love how you can change things up on a location that you have probably photographed in a hundred times before. Just by tweaking your angle and the backgrounds. That’s why you’re amazing buddy. 🙂

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