Ali+Ed @ The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station

it’s all about color” : is really the only way to start off this blog post, and you shall soon see why!

— this weekend Ali and Ed were married at The Riverhouse at Gooodspeed Station in East Haddam CT.

The hijinks began at the Inn At Middletown..


And so here’s where our color story kicks in – Ali is ALL about bright colors–as you can see by her hot pink shoes (VERY cool, I might add) as well as the multi colored sneaks she had her groom and all the guys wear!

Meanwhile, Miss DD Nickel was on hand for makeup!


thanks to Jay Fleming for helping out and catching these great candids of the gentlemen!


So theres a story here too complicated to go into, but Ali gave Ed some flowers and a battery operated lime green sword…


this photo kills me – Ed putting on his jacket with the paper stuffing popping out the arm opening…


we had a little First Look action across the street. Did I mention before how much I LOVE First Looks rather than the whole ‘seeing her come down the aisle’ routine? LOVE IT!!!


we hightailed it over to The Goodspeed for some group shots before the ceremony.


Ed’s cousin, who is in the military, presided over the ceremony


meanwhile – the Color Explosion continues at the reception site— honestly now: how fun is that cake??




right after the ceremony we zipped over to the train station right down the street, which turned out to be my favorite shots of the day ( yes–there are a lot here, but I suddenly grew quite enamored  by the whole train/track thing going on..and the light was perfect to boot)


I was kinda laughing to myself as I took this shot. In case you cannot find the bride and groom, just follow the arrow….

OK now REALLY?? Jay spotted this as were about to leave–I had not ventured to that side of the station..and good thing HE did–because I am in LOVE with these images!


ok,ok–back to the reception


they showed a brief clip of and then did a routine to Michael Jackson’s Beat It for their cake cutting!!!!

also thanks to Butch Gray who DJ’d our evening, Kate and Geoff Boka of  The Light Mill for video, and Ikes Atomic for handling the wacky Photo Booth activities!!!


I also want to add, that this is one of the first times ever that a bride took ALL OF MY ADVICE and hired the photobooth, DJ, makeup and video all from my suggestions. Having all those people with me that day made it especially fun and smooth running!!!

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