Alexandra + Brian @ The Stamford Yacht Club

Stamford Yacht Club wedding | Connecticut

Alexandra and Brian were married a short time ago on June 1st at the Stamford Yacht Club. I had met them just a short time ago for the engagement session in Jersey City, so they were still pretty fine-tuned for camera time – lol!


meanwhile the fellas were hanging out downstairs in side, trying to stay cool ( it was a HOT one!) My second shooter for the day  Ian Witschy got some of these great images of the guys




Alexandra come downstairs for their First Look ( Yes, I talked them into it and i know they were REALLY happy in the end they did it this way!!! FUTURE BRIDES: take note!!)

our flower girl gets very serious for a minute—


since it was like the surface of the sun outside, we decided to do our formal pics inside and stick with the nautical theme of the Yacht Club


…so this rather unsightly barge showed up the day before the wedding, which no one really appreciated. I told the girls–ok then: we might as well pose with it! hahahaha!



we went back inside to cool down and I tried some REALLY long lens shots for fun (I was about 2 rooms away for these!)


program boys on duty!

I really thought these flower displays were cool and unusual

their good friend ( who also performed the service) has a great, excited candid moment of happiness immediately after the ceremony


So this seems to be the summer of ‘Everything Gatsby” a few of their good friend came in full on retro attire! Of course, I went crazy and among other things, created this digital version of a vintage ‘wet plate’ photograph

now THAT’S some red hair!

Lexi and Brian met in a dance class, so these 2 are REALLY light on their feet , in fact a LOT of guests were great dancers–had I been a guest you’d of not caught me ANYWHERE near the dance floor making a fool of myself at THIS wedding! 🙂

a little more vintage fun!

as as the evening came to a close, we had a great departure with – BUBBLES!!!!

thanks so much guys- for such a fun and easygoing day–high heat, ugly barge and all!!

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