Alex+Adam @ Martha Clara Vineyard, Long Island

wow-wee: this is a fun one!!

And i’m going to start off by saying that while there is ‘love in the air’ at each and every wedding – there was something special for me this time around. It was the way they looked at each other – and into each others eyes. (now i’m going to get all romance novel here) but you really could FEEL it, and i’m not just saying that. It was the same even at their engagement session at Yankee Stadium ( where they met a number of years back ) So anyway, with that  little nugget in mind, take a look at Alex and Adam’s wedding on the North Fork of Long Island at Martha Clara Vineyard….


look at those groovy and PRACTICAL (!!!) shoes: no damn heel to fight with all day!!!


we stayed at the Hotel Indigo East End (VERY nice I might add) and there were all sorts of modern spots and details, and I thought this was a cool spot for Alex’s flowers. Kinda modern and graphic.


Her sister Katherine was a bride of mine from 4 years ago – and since then have had this cute little fella who was one of the ringbearers!


her dad’s expression here kills me!!!




This blazer did not last very long as it was—well…REALLY quite hot and poor Adam was sweating and miserable (of course, I was all in black and sweat was dripping into and  burning my eyeballs, so I wasn’t a happy camper at this point either)


BUT–one look at Alex and his mood quickly changed!!


I had to include this since at the time it was so funny: Alex’s dad kinda just walked right through our photoshoot without knowing….you had to be there..


Adams nephew: out other little ringbearer!


I went to walk back inside and noticed how cool the inside of this door was. The groom is hiding behind it to keep it open for us!



I really, REALLY like this shot ( did i mentioned i REALLY liked it?? )


now THAT’S like ‘movie backlighting’ you dream about (at least i do, but i’m odd that way)


this was something i’d never seen before : the Rabbi had them write down their flaws and weaknesses and then symbolically burned them. It occurred to me she’d of needed a thick legal pad and blowtorch if I were to write mine down…


I included this for photo dorks out there – a little behind the scenes of Adam’s brother helping us out with lighting.


bad lighting but fun shots: some impromptu dancing in the vineyard!!


and speaking of practical – wedding dresses with pockets get a BIG thumbs up from Mr Norman.


he looks like the welcoming committee in these shots!



the always semi-frightning-dangerous-if-you-get-too-close-to-photograph Horah dance!!!


Yes.      He’s smelling the cake.


I don’t recall WHAT she was saying to me, but i LOVE that expression


that lower right photo.

The tongues?

THAT’S why you don’t want your photographer there until the very end!!! LOL

thanks to you both for a great 3 day weekend of shooting and hanging out! Hope you’re having a terrific honeymoon!

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