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Now and again you get a thank you card or email that you want to save for when you’re having a bad day to remind yourself why you’re photographing weddings in the first place. When the season nears its end, it’s easy to forget the impact you often have on the couples you have just spent a very important day with.

This email is one of those…


Robert —

We’re back from the honeymoon, and still recovering from a great week in Saint Lucia. Its no understatement that the FIRST thing we did this morning was to check your blog and see if there were pictures posted from the wedding.  We’d been looking forward to seeing them all week, talking about it between stops at the swim up bars.

And we were not disappointed this morning — we LOVE them!

The pictures on your blog and the slideshow were just perfect in capturing the wedding. We both were just so amazed at the moments you captured that we never really got to see. Every picture we looked at was a surprise because we never really knew where you were at any given time during the ceremony and reception, and we loved the shots you got of our friends and family. We were so grateful too that you got some video of the Uncles playing and the cousins dancing – we didn’t know you were doing that, and it was a great surprise!

Going through the blog post and the discs we got in the mail today, we are reminded why we were so drawn to your work in the first place when we hired you last summer.  You were able to capture so many memories that we will hold on to for the rest of our lives, and we are so so grateful to have had your talent and skill at our wedding. Thank you for putting us as ease, making us laugh, and capturing our day in a special and unique way.

We hope to be able to work with you again in the future, and please do not hesitate to use us as a reference if you ever need it. We certainly will have no problem recommending you to other couples!

Thanks, again, for everything!

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