A Slow Boat To China (or a 16 hour flight…)

Somehow April has become travel-month for me this year, which is always exciting. Tomorrow morning I take off for a 16 hour journey to Hong Kong! A little over a year or so ago I had the rare chance to visit Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo. This time around it’s strictly Hong Kong, which i’m told is a very different experience, so we shall see!


Shortly after I get back and am home for a few days to recuperate, i’m off to the UK for a trip to London and Scotland. Oddly, they all just seemed to happen in April due to planning around weddings etc! (Ive a trip in October to Toronto for the Canada Photo Convention, as i thought meeting some photographers from our friend ‘up north’ would be a good change of pace!)

Anyway – watch here in the next few weeks for some highlights from Hong Kong – they’ll be a lot on Facebook too!!


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