A NYC Central Park Winter Wedding

A Manhattan wedding at the Loeb Boathouse | Winter NYC weddings


What can I say when you have a beautiful winter day in NYC with a FUN and great looking couple in iconic Central Park? I say it sounds just about perfect!

Take a look at Anne and Lucien’s day…..


Lucien and the boys got prepped downtown in the Village at their apartment, which the ladies were getting set uptown closer to Central Park.

Anne reads a wedding day note from Lucien
I loved all the Christmassy details! (this was just about a week before Christmas, so they fully embraced it! I mean, why wouldn’t you?)

The men downtown embracing the cold

This was a pet of the day I was jealous I didn’t get to photograph! The guys all went back uptown via subway – which as it turns out was empty – when does THAT happen??! Thanks to my second shooter Anthony for nailing these shots for me!

The men hanging around Central Park waiting for the ladies and the First Look

This shot, which might seem like an odd choice, is a favorite for several reasons. First off I just love this spontaneous moment which was snapped in the hotel elevator on he way down to the lobby. It’s totally ‘her’!

From a technical point of view (fast forward now if you’re eyes are starting to glaze over) this was shot with available light an outrageously high ISO (something like 25,000) It has the quality of old, grainy film which I love the look of. What do you think? (Kodak TMAX 3200, anyone?)


Anne stops for a quick shot in the street- she never stops smiling!!!


Anne enters Central Park  – sans any sort of winter coat – for her first look. Now THAT’S dedication!



You get just a LITTLE bit of a crowd when you shoot in the park!!!







SO while this probably LOOKS like torture, what we did here was pose everybody in their winter coats, then quickly popped them all off. Just out of from a is my section shooter and the planner from Pink Bow Tie Events holding all of them!!!

Not only that, but this group was sop amazing – NOBODY complained at all!  I even said to them, “You are all fantastic – i’ve wedding parties in September complaining when its 69 degrees out!!”

Those eyes!


This was a quick one we grabbed on the way back to the bus – i’m glad we stopped!!!


On to the ceremony…

Winter in NYC obviously gets dark really early – so we had to work fast and use the light whereever we could find it!



And what wedding in Central Park would be complete without a sparkler sendoff!!!!

Thanks again for such a fun day and CONGRATS too!!!





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