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Well it only took me 3 months into to 2015 to get this done, but here is a slideshow/video of some of my favorite moments of my 2014 Wedding Season! I love going back at the end of every season and going through all my folders and kind of ‘reliving’ each wedding. Each one brings me back to a set of memories that i’m sure are always quite different than the couples. Whether it was some great light we had, a type of shot I got to ‘try out’ or weather difficulties – there’s always something about each that I recall very vividly!

 It’s about 8 minute long and a rather large file so be patient with it’s loading, but if you have some time please take a look and enjoy! (and enjoy the syrupy music!)

HERE is the direct link!

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 5.24.04 PM

Also – many thanks to my second shooters for 2014, of which a number of these shots belong to:

JC Carley

Ian Witschy

Anthony DeCarlo

Jay Fleming

Aldo Bacchiocchi

Stephen Wang

Joel Callaway

Dave Noonan

Cheryl Cronin

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