VisionMongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography

David duChemin’s newest book “Visionmongers” is a very different type of photography book, that I not only think all ‘newbies’ should read – but so should anyone in the biz (I myself have been in it for almost 20 years) It’s a book I wish had been available when I started – a direct, thought provoking and honest appraisal of what the business is REALLY like.

These days, we now have the phenomena of ‘weekend warriors’ who suddenly fancy themselves ‘PRO’ (a word you’ll hesitate using once reading this) after spending $2000 one equipment, deciding they are ‘photographers’ and who wonder why they are not booking what they feel they ‘should’ be after 10 months in business. The process of learning, growing, developing your eye and improving OVER TIME seem to be steps that are often forgotten, ignored and overlooked.

This book is like an honest wake-up call…a supportive, realistic and thought-provoking take on what being a photographer really means.

Buy it . Read it...think.


  1. Robert J. Trenske

    Very interesting, that sounds like a definite must read, we will have to pick it up.

  2. Jacob Bergmeier

    Definitely have to pick that up… how long have I been in the business? Shoot, I think I just make it. Haha

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