Jay grew up in Meriden CT and has lived here his entire life. As an only child he spent many an hour bike riding and playing out Star Trek scenarios with his pals (the original- not the lame Scott Bakula version) Later, he dreamed of being the next hot-rodding superstar Evel Knievel, which luckily never panned out, saving himself some busted ribs.

Perhaps wooed by his sexy daredevil aspirations, Jay met his soon-to-be-wife Maureen while they were both in college, later getting married in 1996.

He worked several years in the corporate I.T. World as a tech support manager for a software company, but soon made a big career switch attending the Hallmark Institute of Photography in MA, with the goal of eventually photographing weddings.

Now he and his wife have 3 kids, 1 spunky wheaten terrier, 2 frisky cats, a gigantic bunny rabbit and 6 Buff Orphington chickens that provide them with an abundance of eggs & domesticated fowl hi-jinks. (honestly, it’s like a zoo over there)

If not behind a camera you’ll find him outdoors with his family snow boarding, hiking, or just hanging out with his wife in the backyard, mojito in hand..and i’ll bet an occasional Star-Trek adventure with the kids.



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