The Deeper Meaning of Wedding Photography

A Deeper Meaning of Wedding Photography I think it’s fair to say that as photographers – and all artists in general – often get wrapped up in our own heads about the value and importance of our work. Maybe I’m speaking for myself here, but after...
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The ‘why’ Behind What We Do

  As photographers we generally all complain, especially at the end of the season, about how exhausted we are and how we need a break and how we want to sleep for a week straight, which I suppose is similar to anyone looking forward to their vacation (our...
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The Pros and Cons of the "Wedding Shot List"

There are a lot of mixed feelings in the photographic community about weddings and photographic shot lists. Most photographers truly fear getting that email from a couple with the ‘Must-Have’s’ (an expression I dislike as much as “Please Advise”)...
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Photoshop and the Decline of Western Civilization

I can still recall my first experience with this thing called Photoshop. At the time, the image in question had been manipulated on a Scitex imaging workstation, which is now so ancient it’s hard to even find info if you Google the term. I believe they...
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the daunting task of choosing wedding favorites

Nobody said this was easy: the 2012 edition SO I sit here in my office the sunday before Christmas Eve and find that it’s an extremely quiet day – little to no email, ringing phone, messages…and even very little facebook activity!  I...
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Ground Zero – 11 years/365 days later

For the past 4 or 5 years I’ve had the fun job and great experience of photographing the Brunswick School Prom , which is held on World Yacht around NYC. We have usually had the good luck of great weather, so most everybody could enjoy time on the...
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