A Shenorock Country Club Wedding | Katelin+Colin

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This past Saturday Katelin and Colin were married in fairfield CT with a reception that followed at the Shenorock Country Club, in Rye NY. It was one of the first days here in the Northeast in several weeks were it wasn’t a thousand degrees on a saturday!

all the gals got necklaces from Anthropologie

Katelin wore her mom’s dress from the 1970’s after altering the neckline and top, and having it completely restored! It looked AMAZING and at least to my eye, brand new!

super-top secret ringbearer talk before the ceremony—


* * * *

Katelin’s dad was Facebooking a shot I just took of them right before they walked down the aisle – now THAT’S progressive!

Shenorock looked really cool and breezy with wonderful sunflower arrangements

how do you get about 25 people in a shot?….. get them to hang out on the furniture and have fun!

something about this reminds me of an old postcard

OOPS—sorry—uhhh, didn’t notice the sign…uhhhh….Ummmm

Great job from my second shooter Rick O on these 2 black and white images!

* * * *

there were plenty of first entrance dancing hijinks!

D.J. Sean BIG DADDY from James Daniel entertainment, kept things rocking!


  1. Jacob Bergmeier

    Your work never ceases to amaze me! Strikingly good looking couple too. I hope they know just how lucky they are to have found such an amazing photographer to capture their special day.

  2. Rick O

    Love the flower girl shot – haha so perfect! Great job as always!

  3. admin

    Thanks jake – this wedding really felt like a great “match” for me as well!

  4. Meagan Ebersole

    I LOVE all the couple shots! I especially love the ones of them dancing! What a beautiful wedding and I really think your photos captured the feel of the day.

  5. Meg

    Some great moments Robert. I love the black and white verticle of them oustide for formals and the kissing by the cupcakes! Great wedding! Seems like a fun couple!

  6. Amber

    LOVE it. love her Grecian dress, so pretty. Great job!

  7. Robert J. Trenske

    I really enjoy the bride and groom formals, the water looks so deep blue. Really nice job on this wedding Robert!

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