Emily+Brad @ the Inn at Mystic

Emily and Brad were married June 25th at the Mystic Arts Center, with a reception following at the Inn At Mystic (obviously BOTH in Mystic, CT!!) So what was cool was that after the ceremony, we got to stroll through downtown mystic on our way to The Inn.

…we started the day with Emily and the gals getting prepped at the Mystic Hilton…


Emily and Brad did an AMAZING job creating all their wedding-day details! It’s not every day you see this much thought put into such small aspects of the days planning (yup–thats a feather attached to each and every invite!!) I’m not much of a ‘shoe guy’–but check out those pumps!!


Meanwhile on another floor, the guys were in the midst of their own preparations


That bouquet was amazing— I couldn’t stop shooting different angles of it!!


The ceremony itself was inside the larger gallery at the Arts Center with beautiful, natural light courtesy of the huge skylight.


After grabbing a few shots out back along the river, we started our stroll into town.  Keep in mind its a Saturday during peak tourist season, so we were quite the spectacle…

(It’s always funny to me when tourists take snapshots of a bride. What are they going to DO with those pictures of a person they do not even know??)


So downtown Mystic has a drawbridge (cool if you have the time, not so cool if you’re in a rush) and in my mind I wanted to not get trapped on one side of it. However as we approached it and it was in the process of going UP,  I realized that it was a great photo opportunity. The traffic was stopped – so we could walk in the street, as well as use the raised bridge as an amazing backdrop!

(funny note about this shot- off on the side while we were taking this, a bystander yelled out to the men, “Take your hands out of your pockets!!”.  Baffled, I thought to myself—is a stranger on the street REALLY going to art direct this shot?? Apparently she felt it was her duty to correct my shot to her liking.)


please–-no loitering on the sidewalk… it’s prohibited!


Back at The Inn, we took a little time for some more portraits on the deck and the property–

Emily’s beautiful dress from White Dress By The Shore–


I’ve said it once already – but the thoughtful details were AMAZING!! As they are both writers (i’m sure they are correcting my grammar in this post as they read this…) they really managed top carry that theme throughout their day— my head was about to pop with visual goodies to photograph!

yes–even the cake looked like stacked books!


I love this–a tiny gluten-free cake for Emily!!!!

congrats guys!–Thanks for making the day so fun to photograph. Much luck, and let me know when your books are published!

Also thank to Miss Liz Frias for tagging along and lending a hand the whole day!


  1. melissa on July 25, 2011 at 1:16 pm

    You’re style is amazing and you are a photographer to aspire to. I love watching what you do and only hope to someday make it this far. Absolutely beautiful work.

  2. Kaitlyn (Robert & Kathleen Photographers) on July 26, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    love the shot of the bride & groom kissing on the bridge! its awesome! great job!

  3. Kaitlyn (Robert & Kathleen Photographers) on July 26, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    love the shot of the bride & groom kissing on the bridge! its awesome! great job!

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